Project 6 – Task 2 -BEEF Showcase Evaluation

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For this project we had to design a showcase for our team called BEEF to show our personal portofolios. After the first meeting with the group, we decided to not use any flash technology because it is not compatible with all devices. Through research I found ways to use animation without using flash.

Technology used: HTML, CSS, CSS3, Javavascript, Jquery.

Library used: Jquery (latest version)

Navigation: In the navigation I used font-face, and CSS3 to give  shadows;

Small Fly animation: For the small fly flying around the screen I used a script called moveobj.js ( source;

Web site scrolling: To animate the scrolling I used a Javascript that make the scrolling smooth (source;

Pictures Gallery: The icons are made by images to which I applied a class that gave the rotation and shadow with CSS3  and the gallery is a Javascript called SlimBlox 2.0 (source;

Logo BEEF: The logo BEEF (wich back to homepage), in internal page,  is animated by CSS3;

Sounds: All the sounds work with a Dreamweaver script called MM_sound;


The team is happy with the result because it functions well, the graphics have impact and the animations give the showcase dynamism much like a flash video but without the downsides of flash in terms of device compatibility.


Project 6 – Design Show Case – BEEF ‘A yummy Brighton collective’

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For this project we have to design a team showcase. After the first meeting we decided to call the team BEEF. The team’s members are David, Corinne, Mikey, Lucie and me. My role in the group is website’s coding and implementation. Mikey made the layout, illustrations and graphic elements, Corinne made the logo and all the documentation, and all together we decided the showcase’s style and colours, the kind of font and the technology to use; in fact after the first meeting we decided as well not to use any flash animation.

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