Project 3 -Website Evaluation Questionnaire

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This evaluation is for a good website

Site name : Zizzi Restaurant        Site URL :

Load Time : My modem connection is 20 Mb Broadband

Does the site’s load time seem reasonable? Yes it does, it takes 2 seconds to load


Is the page layout and use of color, fonts and images consistent throughout the site? Yes it is, you can see the same layout and fonts throughout the site

Are there less than three fonts used in the design? Three fonts are used: a script font for the logo, a serif for the navigation and a sans serif for the content.

Are there a moderate number of colours used in the design? Yes they used a grey scale in the header and a beige colour for the background, white for the the navigation’s font and a pink for the headings font.

Is the design appropiate for the purpose of the site and for the intended audience? Yes they have a clear and stylish design, I think they want to communicate elegance but also simplicity reflecting the welcoming and stylish ambience they try to create in their restaurants.

Will the design appeal to the target audience? Yes it will

Is the page layout balanced, clean, and uncluttered? Yes it is. Everything is tidy and clean. The composition is well done and it is easy to understand.

Are the images smooth and properly anti-aliased to the background? Yes they are. This site is for a big company so I think the pictures came from a professional photographer who has taken the images specifically for use on the web site.

Are the graphics appropiate and relevant to the content of the site? Yes they have  very clean graphics appropiate to the content of the site

Are your eyes directed to the content or important page elements? Yes they are, because the navigation is quite big and placed across the top of the page directly underneath the header and they used big images to call the attention to important page elements such as news and promotions.

Are the colour combinations pleasing and appropiate for the site’s purpose? Yes they didn’t use too many colours and the combination is very good. I like the pink combined with the grey because it stands out.

Is the text clearly legible? Yes it is

Is important content (such as navigation, search boxes, site and page identification) visible without scrolling? Yes it is, my laptop’s resolution is setted on 1280 x 800 px and I don’t need to scroll to see important content.

Is copyright, privacy and contact information easily located? Yes, you can find the copyright, social network and ‘contact us’ links at the bottom of the page.

Is the homepage short enough that it doesn’t require a great deal of vertical scrolling? Yes you don’t need to scroll vertically much at all.

Is the purpose of the site (and each page within it) immeadiately clear? Yes they are very clean and easy to understand. The large images that you immediately see are of the restaurants and the food served there. Also, three of the navigation links underneath the header identify the business as food related. Even the header itself contains the word ‘ristorante’ and a link to book a table online.

Structure and Navigation

Is the content of the site logically organized? Yes it is, you can see that the page follows the classic organisation of a good web page.

Is the navigation located in the same place on each page of the site? Yes it is located across the top of the page directly underneath the header on every page

Is the navigation clearly recognizable as navigation? Yes it is quite big and it catchs your attention.

Are all links clearly labeled and their destination obvious? Yes they are.

Is the navigation simple to understand and use? Yes it is very simple and there is a rollover effect on the links.

Is the use of the browser back button unnecessary (no dead end pages)? No you don’t need the browser back button and there aren’t dead end pages.

If icons or other images are used for navigation, is their meaning clear? yes they are well done and help to communicate the message of the text.If icons or other images are used for navigation, are text links also provided? Yes they are. There is an rollover effect that provides the text link and the description.

Is the purpose of each page easily identified? Yes it is very easy and clean. There is a title on each page which corresponds to the navigation text.

Is any essential information directly linked to in the navigation system (for instance, a contact page)? Yes they provided also a bottom navigation with the essential information such as contact us, book a table etc..

Can users get to information with a minimal number of clicks? Yes they can. The max number of clicks is three. For example if you’re looking for salads you have to click on ‘our food’ and then on ‘food menu’ on the left navigation and then on ‘insalate’.

Is there an obvious method of navigating between related pages of the site? Yes the method of navigating of this site is very easy and obvious.

Is there an obvious method of navigating between different sections of the site? Yes there is.


Does the content reflect the purpose of the site? Yes it does, it uses very nice pictures of the food and restaurant interior and the content text is easy to understand.

Is the content appropiate for the intended audience? Yes it is, is appropiate for a big range of people because it’s so simple to use.

Is the content sufficient to meet user needs and expectations? Yes it gives the whole picture and you can have all the information that you need about this restaurant (such as history and menu) as well as being able to book tables, request regular news and contact the company.

Is the text content free from spelling, grammatical, and typographical errors? Yes it is.

Are short sentences, short paragraphs, headings, and bulleted lists used so that the content can be easily scanned? Yes they are, the longest paragraph that i found is 5 lines.

Are lines of text too long to be easily read? Each lines have in average 12 – 13 words. They are very clear to read.

Is information correct and current? Yes it is. The last post on the blog is on 21 January 2011.

Can specific content be easily found? Yes it can.

For sites with large amounts of information, is a search function available? There isn’t a search function because in the pages there isn’t a large amounts of information.


Is the site cross-browser and cross-platform compatible? Yes it is. I tried it on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari and it works great.

Can the site be viewed without unintended horizontal scrolling? Yes, I have got a 1280 x 800 px resolution on my laptop and I don’t need an horizontal scrolling.

Are form fields arranged in a logical order? Yes they are. Are all components of the site functional? Yes they are.

Is information concerning any special browser or plug-in requirements clearly visible and easily understood? There isn’t any information about that because there aren’t any special requirements.

Are interactive features clearly explained? There aren’t any particular interactive features.

Are the skills required to use the site’s features appropiate for its intended audience? Yes they are, the audience can use this website very easily without particular skills.

Is there an off switch music? There isn’t music on this website

Is the site designed to be accessible to disabled users? They haven’t got the W3C logo on the website, so I am not sure.






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