Project 1 – Twitter background for a night club: Pixel

October 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

For this project we have to design a Twitter background for a night club. I designed my background for a fictional night club called Pixel.

I downloaded a Twitter background template from internet to have the correct size because the background must be 1600 x 1200 pixels.

I started to draw some ideas on my sketch book for the background and the logo.

After I sketched my ideas I made a mood board to have a visual map of colours and designs.


Pixel mood board



floor texture on the train (1)


Then I took pictures for my background. I took the first picture on the train while I was going to work in Worthing (1).

Later, I went out in Brighton with my digital camera looking for things that looked like  pixels and I found various tiled floors (2).


tiled floors in Brighton North lanes (2)



step 1: tiled floor inverted (3)



step 2: layer set on hard mix (4)


With Photoshop I cut and resized one of those floors and I inverted it in Image>Adjustments, then I setted this layer on hard mix blending mode (4).

I added another level from the tiled floor pictures , cut and resized it (5)


step 3 (5)



step 3: layer set on hue (6)


before putting a gradient overlay blended with linear burn. I set this level to hue blending mode (6).

I then downloaded from Google an image of speakers (7).


speakers image (7)



step 4: speakers after has been modified (8)


I wanted the  speakers to look like a building so  I used treshold in Image>Adjustement to give a comic effect, then I gave it a grandient overlay with blend mode darken and style radial (8).

Finally I put in another picture which i took on the train


picture from the train (9)



step 5: (10)


and I set it on Color in blending mode(9). This gave all the components of the image the same light; thus unifying the image (10).


logo scanned from sketch book and modified in Photoshop


For the logo I began from my drawing: I scanned it and with Photoshop modified it. But after the lesson on logo design I understood that that logo should be as simple as possible, so I remade it with Illustrator and transfered it in Photoshop. The logo is comprised of 4 squares which make another square. One of these is not aligned with the rest.


new logo made in Illustrator


In Photoshop I added a white stroke for the logo to increase its visibility once incorporated with the Twitter background. Below is the final result.

After testing this background on Twitter I thought that it would be more effective to use the background without the speakers because it’s simplier and it looks better.

I think the speakers were effective but I feel they would be better suited to alternative promotional formats such as flyers or posters. This reflects my personal view of website design generally: that it should be simple and clean for the benefit of the reader/viewer.


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