Project 2 – Composition and Layout in web design

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Workshop – Making a website header banner using composition principles

Size 750 x 300, 72dpi.

Using images for your current project, create a banner header

  1. A bold, bright, youthful, colourful layout incorporating text and images in a very creative and imaginative way.


Project 2 -Typography Principles – Header Graphic Workshop

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Purpose of this tutorial

  • Demonstrating type principles outlined in the typography lecture
  • Using type editing techniques in Photoshop
  • Creating experimental type in Photoshop


1. Using font, leading and tracking/kerning techniques learned in the lecture you are to design at least 3 different options for type-based header images for a clean, sophisticated business site called:

Brighton Business Solutions

(Strapline) Creative business solutions for web-based startups


2. This time, using the same techniques design at least 3 different header options for a youthful, creative, edgy t-shirt company called:

South Coast Tees

(Strapline) Creative beachware for the south coast

Project 2 – Selection Techniques Workshop

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Purpose of this workshop

  • Demonstrating principles of using selection
  • Creating and using selections in images in Photoshop
  • Creating and using combined images in a Photoshop image

Create a selection using the pen tool

Final Result

Original picture (1)

For this work I downloaded the picture of this car from internet (1).



Step 1 (2)

In Photoshop with pen tool I drew the shape of the car and shadow too (2).

Step 2 (3)

From the shapes I made a selection and and I made new layers via copy (3).









Creating a composite image. Using a combination of layer blending and selection techniques you are to create a composite image containing a weather phenomema occurring in a place it wouldn’t normally be – eg:

A water spout in a desert

Before - Desert original image

Before - Water spout original image

After - Final Result

A rainstorm in a desert

Before - Original image of desert

Before - Orignal image of women and rain

Before - Original image of dark sky

After - Final Result

Project 2 – Selection and Montaging Workshop

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Creating a Montage

Purpose of this workshop

  • Demonstrating principles of using selection techniques
  • Creating and using selection Photoshop
  • Creating and using combined images in a Photoshop image

Final Result


Gherkin building (1)

I began choosing a primary image (1). I thought something looking like a wasps’ nest and I found this building in London called Gherkin building.






Wasp before and after has been cutted (2)

For the secondary image I found a picture of a wasp near his nest. I cutted it with different instruments, pen and magic wand tools (2).

Than I transfered the wasp’s picture on the primary image and resized and flipped it (3).







After I began to regulate saturation and luminosity and I worked with burn and dodge tool on midtones and shadows to try finding the same light (3).







Than I found a sky image (4) with more clouds to put on the background. I want to give more impact. So I desaturated it and with the eraser I tried to mix these two pictures (5).










After I worked more on lights with burn and dodge tools tools to find a perfect combination and also I erased the  wasp’s middle leg because I think it is better looks like more realistic (6).


Project 2 – Banner Workshop

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Workshop 1 – Banner ads Moodboard

Workshop 2 – Banner Advert design

logo made with Adobe Illustrator

Logo: The Blue Planet – Strapline: Sustainable Development of our Oceans

Text: June 1st 2010, throw your swimsuit on, dive right in as we celebrate the OCEAN AND WATER!


Project 2 – Final Hand In

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Project 2 – Creating Moodboards

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Colour Moodboard

Moodboard Autumn

Moodboard Rain

Moodboard Videogame

Moodboard Citrus

Moodboard Green

Moodboard Red

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